New to my blog is a feature I like to call "F*&# That Fridays". Here I will share my most current issues with the world around me. Here I will share MY opinions on things in the world. While I welcome comments (always) these are just things the way I see them (the joy of having your own place on the web to say whatever you choose is AMAZING). So with no further ado, the first installment of F*#& That Fridays.

This week was huge for America with the election of Barack Obama! How exciting a time for people in this country. In a land that is plagued by its history of slavery and bondage of certain groups of people, we have overcome by electing the son of a black man and a white woman. Ahhh, we are making progress ... well we are in some ways. Discrimination is still alive and well - F*&# discrimination!

Discrimination is defined as unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice. How is it okay to discriminate against gays ESPECIALLY by minority groups and religious factions who have BOTH been discriminated against? F*&@ THAT! How can one after another religious leader get on TV and say that their belief in God gives them the right to stop gay people from getting married? Huh? I know that everyone has different religious beliefs but at the core of EVERY religion is a message of love from God. I do not claim to know everything but I have no qualms about sharing my knowledge that GOD CREATED EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING!GOD IS IN EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING ... EVEN THE GAY PEOPLE! AND SHOCKINGLY GOD LOVES EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING!

I am straight and plan to one day share my life with my soul mate. What if I happen to fall in love with a white man who beats the crap out of me every other night? That would be a legally accepted union. I could marry a black man and we could cheat on each other and have kids outside of our relationship and the law would support that union as a marriage too. I could also fall in love with and legally marry a child molester and that would be legal and okay. BUT if my sister ends up growing up gay (which there is no indication that she is not into boys, in fact it seems as if she is quite into boys but I digress) and falls in love with a great, law abiding woman who is kind, compassionate, caring and her soul mate that is NOT okay? Or my friend who is definitely gay can attend the weddings of each of his friends throughout his lifetime but can never legally marry the love of his life. REALLY?And that's not discrimination? F*&@ THAT!

Discrimination in America is WRONG regardless of your reasons behind it. It is inappropriate on all fronts. Before you discriminate against any group of people, look at your life and look at your history - it is likely that someone with your gender, race, religious background, sexual preference, academic record, socio-economic status, etc. has been discriminated against. Don't be the victim who abuses because he's been abused. That is not progress ...


kay* said...

i agree with EVERYTHING you said - preach on sista! :)

kay* said...

...also noticed the book you are reading...it sounds interesting - how do you like it?

DaVida Chanel said...

Hi Kay. The book is okay - it has good spiritual info but the writing is just okay.

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