I Feel It Changing ...

Sometimes, I can random things on a whim. One night after working a double back at good ole' Joe's Crab Shack, I decided I wanted a tattoo on my wrist of an infinity symbol. In the profound moment of me doing my closing chores, I decided that there was a certain flow to life. Sometimes things would be good and sometimes they wouldn't, but for the infinite time I would exist, this cycle would continue and I wanted a visible symbol to remind me of this fact. I got this tattoo in 2004. It is on the inside of my left wrist and it is pretty small but is definitely there.
I was reminded of why I got this tattoo tonight. I went out to a mixer with a couple of friends and as I was enjoying my drink, I caught a glimpse of my tattoo. I realized in that moment of hanging out with great friends and at this amazing bar that everything ALWAYS works out for me just right. The thing is though, I ALWAYS feel like I am done just before it gets better. It is like how dark it gets right before the morning comes. Lately it has been pretty dark, but I feel it changing now. I believe the sun is going to shine soon.
What makes me feel this way? I can't quite call it but it reminds me of one of my favorite N*E*R*D song. To quote my dear Pharrell, "Sometimes you gotta realize where you are in your life in order to feel good and I feel good baby!" I feel so good and I just kind of know that things are getting better.

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kay* said...

isn't just so amazing when you can, internally, feel that change brewing? it's like...you become revitalized.

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