An Artistic Retreat

Since my work schedule prevents me from getting out of town this weekend (Memorial Day) as I had hoped, I'm staying in. But I shall not just stay in and be restless - I've got plans. BIG, FUN, ARTISIC plans!!!

As per usual, I'm following a suggestion from my blogspiration *kay at apt 412. Her Molly Sims inspired quote painting has been one I've wanted to try forever ... well since I read about it on her blog. I think I'm going to go with affirmations or just a random collection of powerful, inspiring words. How exciting. I got my stencils and need to pick out my canvas and colors (I'm thinking I'm going to go with shades of blue).

I'm designing my office space this weekend as well. I wanted a computer cart from Target that was on sale last week. I got a raincheck so I'm going to go pick it up today or tomorrow (I enjoy putting things together!). I've also bought an array of cool office supplies so I'm going to set those up as well. I'm getting some frames to put up images of inspiring things so that room becomes more of an inviting space for my creative energy. YAY! That room was the one thing that made this apartment pop to me so I'm excited about getting it in order.

This weekend I'm going to stretch myself - literally. I'm going to start Saturday with yoga (looking for a class but if not I've got several videos). Then I'm going visit my "counselor" DK to delve into some more "me" stuff. This weekend we are getting to the core of some of my issues so I think an AM yoga session will have me ready to dig deep. I'll probably need a nap after that before I get knee deep into my world.

I wanted to go see VALENTINO:THE LAST EMPEROR but looks like I had the dates wrong and it is no longer playing in New Orleans. BOO!!! But maybe I'll find something else equally inspiring to do at some point this weekend. I'm checking out other indie movies playing and looking into art exhibits.

I'm most excited because my weekend is filled with activities and not just "new restaurants I want to try". Here's to an artistic weekend.

(Oh and the pic up top is my go at being a graf artist. Emily -shown here- a friend of a person I used to know, invited me to her party a couple weekends ago. It was so artistically inspiring. Not only did guests bring work to exhibit, we were able to tag the wall outside in her garage. Talk about fun!!!!)

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kay* said...

thanks for the shout out :) whatever you decide to do in your office (as we've seen) will be fab!

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