Ode To Being A Hot Girl

When I lived in Indiana I discovered something about myself that I am sure I always knew but wasn't quite ready to act upon. With the help of my clique, I was able to embody my "Hot Girlness". On yesterday I had a phone conversation with one of the original hot girls that reminded me of good times had in the good ole' Midwest. That conversation got me thinking about how many great experiences the single life has afforded me. Today I'm taking a break from my moaning and groaning about not being "in a relationship" to celebrate the fact I'm still a hot girl. I dedicate this to all my hot girls out there (and yes Karla, you are still a hot girl!). HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Josey said...

Those were such good times! I miss it terribly!! I'll have to put on some Nelly tonight and dance around...maybe even on the countertop in honor of our nights at the Tiki. Thanks for reminding me about MY inner Hot Girl! Love ya!

Karla said...

Kennedy and I danced to I'm A Hot Boy/Girl last night. LOL! See, this is what happens when Anthony works late... It is never too early to begin Hot Girl training, right?

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