Look to the Babes

A couple of close friends to me recently had babies, both little girls!!! I'm so happy for them and am excited to see the little ones grow up. When I went to JazzFest to see Dave, I noticed a ton of cutie kids having a great time. How easy was it to be a young child! Before other people's stuff began to influence how we think and act, we were free to just be. Here are some shots of beautiful babies enjoying the show.
Watching the kids, reminds me of the wonder of life. Oprah often says that people are who they were as kids. As a kid I was extremely outgoing. I'd "perform" for my family all the time and was not a bit shy. I loved being the center of attention and basked in the love of my family members. Somewhere during the process, something changed. I began to worry about how I looked or what people thought and those worries began to influence how I acted - and how I'd allow myself to shine thru (I would hold myself back because I didn't want it to be "wrong").
Now at the ripe old age of 32, I'm seeking that childlike wonder in everything I do. I'm allowing myself to be more open to the joy of life and realize there is no "wrong" just me!

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