She's Finer Than A ...

This is turning out to be a well deserved, relaxing Sunday :) I'm working on my projects and apparently having a day of postings about celebrities.

My first job in Hollywood was being an assistant to Vincent Cirrincione, a taent manager whose clients include Halle Berry and Taraji P. Henson. Ms. Berry is a WONDERFUL woman, ridiculously beautiful and genuine - her beauty is only overshadowed by her REAL kindness and warmth. She would literally SHINE everytime I saw her. When I moved to Louisiana and heard the Hurricane Chris song "She's Fine", I was appalled. I immediately called Vince - surely some copyright infringement or use of her name liability was in play - I wanted to let him know ASAP so he could call the lawyers! How dare this rapper kid use her name. That's how I can sometimes be - wanting every thing in order, no room for any inappropriateness, especially when it comes to my career (I'm sure I've written before about how I never knew how to just be out in L.A. because I didn't want to risk looking a certain way because of the implications to my career). But then I see the YouTube clip of her on Ellen and I realized that sometimes you just have to let the need to control everything go and just have fun with life. It appears she embraced the song and had really had fun with it! I mean with further thought, how could you not have fun with the fact there is a song (with matching dance) that only expresses how fine you are!?!?!! And the best part was she can really do the dance! I learned a lot from Ms. Berry - first from a distance as a fan and then up close while working with Vince. Today I realize she's still teaching me lessons ... this one is to relax a bit and enjoy the spoils of your career!

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My @ tha Hotness said...

I love this video. At first I was like this song is the worst but then I saw her and Ellen gettin it to the song and now I like the song.

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