Oooohhh New Orleans

I am really falling in love with this city. I've visited here a million times growing up but something about living here makes it amazing! In an attempt to stop going out to eat so much, I am trying to start finding other things about this city I just love. Here's just a few (and it is so hard NOT to talk about restaurants):
  • Audubon Park - This park is BEAUTIFUL! One of my favorite activities is going outside to journal. I find that a bit difficult in New Orleans because it is so hot and humid. I do find that at this park if I sit under a huge tree, it is not so bad. Here's the view from my fav spot.

  • The River - I love water, generally the ocean and the beach, but I'm adjusting to only having the river here. Sometimes I like to go sit and watch the water roll by. Generally I do this downtown by the Quarters but on Sunday, I drove along the river. So nice, so relaxing.

  • Being in Nature - I have a new friend (let's call him the Snob; it is okay, he picked that name) that loves trees. He's a big fan of live oaks. This city is full of them. Yesterday as we were rolling along we saw this gem. Since my snapshot didn't capture the trees glorious roots, he took this fab-o picture (I couldn't take credit for this one). Isn't it lovely?
  • Live music - I'm a huge fan of live music. I love to go to concerts in small venues and feel connected to the artist. This can happen on any given night here in New Orleans. On Saturday, I had a unique musical experience. I went to a producer battle. It was so fun. These up and coming producers battled with their beats. It was so good! I felt like I heard the next Pharrell or Timberland and upstairs of some random club.
  • I absolutely loved Los Angeles for its beauty and never thought I'd love another city so much. My love affair with New Orleans is totally different than that one. This love feels more real and seems to be one I'm more open to explore!

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      Anonymous said...

      I found your site after your post on FB. Then I found your blog... You have done so much in the last 15 years WOW! I hope you figure out something to do for your birthday. I hate to see you sad :(
      I'm actually going to be in New Orleans Tuesday thru Thursday for work.

      Toni Zito McCarty

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