It Is A Lovely Day

A couple of weeks ago, I broke away from work for a quick break in a co-workers car (shout out to Aquiles - never have I had a co-worker so equipped w/good tunes and computer knowledge. He Rocks!). He played Bill Wither's "Lovely Day" which reminded me how much I love that song! I love hearing it early in the A.M. When I look in the mirror I tell myself the lyrics. This is a great feel good song for a Friday like today. I'm really excited for the weekend. First up, my snazzy business cards are en route via FedEx as we speak! You can glimpse in my right side bar but b/c I know it is early and you may be feeling lazy, here's a sneak peak!
Last night I launched my starter website which you can visit here. Today an old friend I met in Indiana is coming to visit ... and she's a hot girl too! We're going to be rockstars today and in rare form - I haven't seen her sincce the Miami bday celebration nearly 3 years ago!!! I'm working promotions at the festival on Saturday and Sunday, but today, I'm just hanging w/my girls and doing the darn thing. We're going to the the seminars this afternoon and we'll get to see my favorite reality star, Ms. NeNe from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta". Steve Harvey will be doing a relationship forum and my old flame Malik Yoba will be on the panel (he doesn't know he's my old flame but he was regardless if he knew or not!). Tonight is the highlight, we are going to see Beyonce in concert! I'm also super excited because in addition to "the baddest chick in the game" Solange Knowles is in the Essence Super Lounge (I saw her live a few months back and she ROCKED it). So yes, I'm having a lovely day. Wishing you one as well!!! Enjoy Mr. Withers!


Qiana said...

Love the new site! Your beautiful girly!

My @ tha Hotness.com said...

You crack me up with the Malik Yoba being your old flame whether he knew it or not.

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