Review List for Year 32

Ahhh, I'm having a lazy daisy day. The plan was to get up early and clean up my place. Nope didn't happen. I woke up around 8 but immediately went back to sleep. I woke up around 11:30 but laid around until 12:30. Talked on the phone, got up made something to eat, and then began to chill out even more. No cleaning has been done. So I decided I needed to do something ... clean up? Nope, blog! LOL! But what to write? I didn't know so I opted for a list. W/o further ado ...
DaVida Chanel's Highlights of Year 32
(of my life):
I picked this since at midnight tonight (more precisely at 1:46pm tomorrow),
the year of 32 will end!!
  • I brought in the official bday w/one of my fav activities; talking, eating cake (red velvet cake no doubt) and drinking wine w/my old roomie/friend Ms. Bianca.
  • I got to work for my this guy (the lead singer) ... I literally feared his presence, even over the phone ... :

    Apollo .Astro Disco.1979
    Uploaded by capitainfunkk. - See the latest featured music videos.
  • I went to back to my college homecoming (it was 10 years after I'd graduated).
  • I left L.A. - destination unknown; I officially moved to New Orleans in February.
  • I have a thing for live music. This year I got to see Iyanla Vanzant , Nelly, LL Cool J, Neyo, Solange, Estelle, Babyface, Little Freddy King, Erykah Badu, Better Than Ezra, Dave Matthews Band, Beyonce, Robin Thicke, Anita Baker, Talib Kweli and my favorite new artist: RYAN LESLIE
  • I attended a women's conference/retreat in the woods!
  • Went to the Price is Right.
  • I experienced the death of my younger first cousin; first time I ever lost someone so close that was younger than me. I had to speak at her funeral and I did so w/o breaking down.
  • I worked on set for a major motion picture - first time having a job that required me to be on set the entire filming process. (I have worked on movies before but not in this way.)
  • Meet a spiritual advisor/teacher.
  • For the first time ever, painted a wall in an apartment I am renting (always wanted to but always felt it wasn't worth it since I was just renting).
  • Got the IPhone ... finally.
  • I got to celebrate my friends: 3 got married, 2 had babies, 1 opened a salon, 1 bought a house, 1 got a new job as a Physician's Assistant at a great hospital, 1 is shopping around her script - good stuff all around!
  • Had a professional photo shoot.
  • Started a company thus becoming a brand.
  • Waited tables again ... as my one job (not like a PT job thing, I was only a waitress).
  • Got laid off for the first time ever and had to get unemployment (I used to think that was like welfare, now I know it is not b/c I paid for it over the years).
  • Got more of a web presence.
  • Fell in love twice. One love was not returned (in fact that love was crapped on) and the other love was mutual (even though situations caused made it impossible for anything to develop from it).
  • Took a meditation class, an astrology class and a soul development class.
  • Read a ton of books and got into Deepak Chopra.
  • Found my inner rock star and let her come out to play a lot more often!


ceecee said...

Happy belated birthday!
You have lived a full life in one year. It's great that you listed out your accomplishments, a lot of times I know we look at ourselves and feel like life is passing us by. I'm glad you made the conscious decision though to go out and live life and be happy with your current situation.

DaVida Chanel said...

Thank you so much for the bday love ceecee! I know for me sometimes I forget what IS happening b/c I'm too focused on what's NOT happening. (I'm working to change that this year!)

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