On A Cosmic Journey at NOLA's HOB

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Solange and Estelle in concert at the House of Blues. First of all, I love concerts in small venues. The artists have a way of connecting with the audience that huge venues don't quite afford. Also as a fan, I can really connect with the lyrics. I loved Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams from the first time I popped in my CD player. It was one of the best $8 I ever spent (I got it in its first week at Target for $7.99). I felt that Solange was very authentic - her lyrics seemed to fit what a young woman might be experiencing.

Since apparently I'm the only person who read the ticket that said no cameras I had to add some pics from previous shows. I was beyond entertained by the younger Ms. Knowles. In fact, there were few similarities between her show and Beyonce's ... well she did get on her knees a couple times which must be taught in the Knowles' camp! She really rocked out at points and even came out into the audience. Great show!

I have to admit I didn't know what to expect from Estelle. I don't own her CD and only knew the "American Boy" song. I was pleasantly surprised and must get her CD as soon as possible. Her show style was very reminiscent of Lauryn Hill - who knew she could flow? She was very down to Earth and personable but let the dudes have it! She was very real about her relationship past. At one point she pulled up some ladies to dance with her backup dancers. This guy came on stage and was all up on her. SO FUNNY! He was so strong on her she had to walk away.

All in all, I had a great time and it was well worth the $30 ticket. What a great way to unwind on my one night off this week ;)

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Karla said...

Ah, isn't Estelle's voice so refreshing. What a good line up. Reminds us that there are 2 true R&B female artists still around...

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