Day 2 of 3

I was off from work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm always supposed to be off on those days but I've been picking up shifts. This week I was adamant that I would only work my shifts and get some me time in. It was perfect timing too because my mother and grandmother are on a cruise so no unexpectedly calls from them asking me to do stuff ;) Yesterday I took some time to get my hair done. It was a beautiful day and I spent most of it driving - which was a good thing b/c I got to be out in the weather. I enjoyed one of my favorite summer treats - a nectar snoball YUM! Last night I went over to a friend's for dinner and reality trash TV. It didn't disappoint. I slept like a baby last night.

On tap for today, I need an oil change, cleaning my place (FINALLY hanging some pics and putting together some stuff), doing laundry and if time permits a little waxing and mani/pedi. But right now I'm going take a nap ... LOL! I know it is only 8:15 am but I'm ready to nap a bit. After all it is day 2 of 3 DaVida days - I can do what I please ;)

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