Eggrolls YES!!!!

I enjoy eating! I have to be careful because I love to eat so much I can tend to overdue it. Today I was feening for Chinese food. Los Angeles had many high points but finding good Chinese food was hard (you know REAL eggrolls - not that spring roll stuff!). So I go on yelp to see what NOLA has to offer by way of Chinese cuisine. I didn't want anything fancy - in fact I was looking for a good lunch special. Boy did I find it. I went to Chinese Kitchen on S. Carrolton. First of all, I passed it up two times because it was in a strip mall with a barely visible sign. The menu was not very detailed and after debating between the tried and true chicken lo mien and mandarin chicken, I opted for something different and got the mandarin chicken and an order of eggrolls. I was EXTREMELY pleased when I opened the eggrolls - just like I like 'em big and thick! The mandarin chicken was okay - I wasn't used to that taste and didn't respond well to it. The fried rice was absolutely amazing! I loved it. I'll definitely return to this hidden gem just not mandarin chicken next time ;)

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