New Moon

I'm fairly new to the study of astrology. I know quite a bit about the natal stuff (meanings of planets/houses on the birth chart) but I don't quite get the transits yet. We are about to have a new transit. The new moon enters Aries today and tomorrow (depending on where you are in the world). Here are a couple of notes on what this new moon is to bring:
  • With a stellium in Aries consisting of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus, we definitely get a sense that it’s time to get off our collective duffs and go for it!
  • What we do during this month kicked off by the Aries new moon should be valuable to our sense of identity in the world, which is a central Aries concern. Right now, Pluto is asking us to declare who we are and what we’re all about. The planets of values (Venus) and communication (Mercury) are right there with the two natural lights of the world. And they’re in brave Aries. Go ahead, be bold!
  • The new moon falls in Aries, the beginning of the zodiac. It’s an astrological new beginning. Aries is the start of the zodiac, the baby. Aries is a gutsy, go for it, fire sign and they demonstrate the boundless energy and enthusiasm you can expect.

To this novice astrological student, it seems to me that the New Moon in Aries is a new beginning - a time to go after all that you desire with the guts that Aries folk display. DO IT! GO FOR IT! MAKE IT HAPPEN! Of course you have to see where Aries is in your birth chart to see how you may be affected BUT the overall theme is the same. There is some area in life that is up for the challenge of getting what you truly desire and this new moon puts it all on the table and allows people to go after it.

Reading about this new moon forced me to ask myself in what areas can I improve? What do I want to accomplish and how can I get from here to there? What is it I want to create? My move to New Orleans was fueled by my desire to work for myself. Have I really been focusing on my career goals? I think I can work harder and be more passionate about pursuing my goals. So here is a sample of my list of intentions for the next few months. What do you want to see happen as the new Aries moon and the spring season are ushered in?

  • Complete my application for this fellowship and turn it in on April 1.
  • Complete LLC information for my business.
  • Hire graphic designer for logo/business cards for business (we are going with Spring Cart Designs - AMAZING work!)
  • Set up website for business endeavor.
  • Continue to set up my home office.
  • Work on setting up payment plans for my outstanding financial obligations.
  • Continue spiritual and physical routines and practices.
  • Do a 7 day detox and follow up with herbs from my shaman during the month of April.
  • Continue to take care in my appearance (wear flattering clothes, hairstyles that make me feel and look good)


Karla said...

I wonder if astrology will change soon now that Pluto is no longer a planet? Who would be in charge of such decisions?

Regina said...

I love your blog, Davida!

I know what else the moon cycles affect...my other "cycle"!

Anyway...I wish you well with what all you attempt to...scratch that all that you WILL accomplish this month and beyond!

Karla brings up a VALID point! Hmmmmm...

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