Adjusting to the No Madness

This is usually my fav time of year. I've watched all of my college basketball. I know who is hot and who is going to go far. I know what teams are on the bubble and I know who needs to pull of conference wins to make a run for the big dance. I usually know it all. But not this year. Somehow with the move I did not watch any college basketball. I felt like a sports neophyte yesterday when I caught bits of the Big Ten and ACC tourneys. How lame?

What is lamer is that I am so out of the loop on all of my TV shows. I don't know the last time I saw Gossip Girl, I missed the Nip/Tuck finale and was floored when I heard on a talk show that Izzie on Grey's was dying ... WHAT THE HECK? I'm usually a TV officiano and now I'm so out of the loop. So what is going on with my time?

I am proud to say instead of tuning into the lives of my favorite TV characters and personas, I've been tuning into me. Taking time to figure out what it is that makes DaVida happy and spending my time on that instead. While I miss not knowing what's happening on air, I truly appreciate the time alone with me!

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