Out Here Grindin'

This week is the sh*# or get off the pot week for me. I have so much to accomplish in 7 days that I have got to get my mind right. In the past when pressure like this comes out, I used to make mix CD's to commemorate the moment and get me crunk enough to fight through (memorable ones include "F Them Cause' I'm A G", "F da Curve", and of course "59 South" - I've since upgraded to playlists). While I generally love all types of music, I wouldn't say I'm that into rap (Weezy F. Baby excluded of course!). However, those lyrics I normally turn away from and would die if I heard my little sister singing are the ones that pump me up to get myself moving. The song lyrics that get me up are the ones that talk about "being great" or "grinding" or "making it happen" or my favorite "going hard". They feed my alter ego (she is DC - ballsy, no fear, boss chick, motivated, all the right words at the right time) who needs to take over when I find my back against the wall. This week's mission is all about time management.
  • WORK: I have to work a double today (worked Sat nite and a double yesterday). I need to work Tuesday night and my job on the movie will probably start on Wednesday morning. I work Thursday and Saturday nights and Sunday morning.
  • APPLICATION FOR FELLOWSHIP: I have to turn in my fellowship application on Wednesday. I'll have to walk it in because I've not finished my materials. I have to write a 1,000 word essay and a 500 word recommendation. The application has to be typed so I have to find a typewriter somewhere. I ordered some ink for my printer that should be here today to print the essays and my resume. If not I need to go to Kinkos at some point.
  • MY BUSINESS: I have to pay for my LLC by Friday. Once that is done I need to pay to contract the services of a graphic designer. I have an official meeting w/a NICE hotel's bar manager about doing promotions there (more details to come after the mtg) on Wed at 5.
  • PERSONAL STUFF: I go running w/my new partner at 6am on tomorrow and Thursday. I missed yoga today (I didn't leave work until 12:30 last nite and was BEAT!). I need to order my herbs from my shaman ASAP so they can be here when I conclude the 7 day detox (I need them to arrive by April 11). I need to decide what I'm going to do w/my hair. It is not adjusting so well to this weather and I'm considering a funky curly weave so that my hair can rest and "get right". I need to clean up ASAP. I need to schedule the cable folk to come before the movie work turns full time b/c I'll never be home. I need to get my stuff from Cali' ASAP.

I say all that to say I have some stuff to do! It is time to get it poppin! It is time to step out of my way. It is time to get grindin ... track 1 on the playlist DJ KHALED!


Karla said...

Get it girl!

kay* said...

wow! so much going on - good for you! at least it's all taking steps in the direction you want to move in.


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