The Amber Rose Challenge

I was having a conversation with my friend Mistie about working out. I told her I felt that my health is not up to par since I moved back to Louisiana. In Cali' I ate well (healthy)- it was easy! Trader Joe's provided excellent healthy food at price points I could afford. Most people that I hung out with there were health conscious so we ate things that were generally good for us. Here in New Orleans I eat well (meaning tastes amazing; not sure how good it is for me). In Cali' I also had a healthier lifestyle. Everyone worked out, the weather was great and there were beautiful, free places for you to get your workout on. Here it is so humid, none of my friends who share my schedule/financial situation workout and everyone loves to go out and eat and drink. Also in Cali, weight was a big deal. I was mildly obese there! No one was as "big" as I was and here, I'm small. Well not small, but I'm not really thick. In Louisiana, I'm of average size. That makes it difficult to be concerned with losing weight because everyone is always telling me how I'm not that big! I don't want to lose a ton of weight, I just want to live better. I was sharing this with Mistie and she said, well, if you work out and eat right, you could have a body like that girl Amber Rose you like. WHAT?!?!?! Did my ears deceive me, did she say little old me could look like the No. 1 stunna, Amber Rose?

I began my research. I asked her to go into detail (what do you mean?). She said we both had hourglass figures and even though I was heavier, that our shape/frame was the same. I went to a seminar for one of my many jobs and we discussed body type. Turns out I have an X-type figure: this means your shoulders and hips are around the same size and you have a defined waist (basically hourglass figure). I was in shock! True enough, I don't really dress for my body type and when I do wear "real" clothes guys say I'm fine. I'm really a tough critic on my own body (living in L.A. really made those image issues worse). Long story short, this conversation with Mistie inspired me.

I know for a fact that when I TRULY commit to working out, I can get GREAT results. When I worked with my trainer Scott Parker (he's who made David Banner fine!) for real for real, I looked like a fitness chick! I also know that when I eat right, I feel so good (emotionally and physically). I have more energy and I am more pleasant to be around. I am more confident and generally have better skin from drinking so much water. And now I've got a visual of what my body can look like with maximum effort. I'm in! My Amber Rose Challenge officially starts now!


Luvelyo said...

You can do anything you set your mind to and it is very possible. Work it on out Davida!

Anonymous said...

or...you can hire a fab photog to touch up your photos...like she did. :0)


Kenya Lewis

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