On To The Next One

JayZ came out with the Blueprint 3, once again that hip hop is trying to save my life. How can I be discouraged with lyrics like this?!?!?

"I move forward the only direction, cant be scared to fail Search and perfection."
"...and n-ggas don’t be mad cause it’s all about progression, loiterers should be arrested."
"Baby i’m a boss, i dunno what they do,I don’t get dropped, I dropped the label."
"World can’t hold me, too much ambition,always knew it’d be like this when I was in the kitchen."

WOW! The lessons are numerous! So my favorite lyric in some time is the one where he says he knew it'd be like this when he was in the kitchen! WOW! So when he was a crack dealer, he knew that he'd find a way out of his situation, use his talent and become the man he saw himself being. I feel like I'm in the kitchen now - true enough I'm no drug dealer but I am working in jobs that I do not feel use my full potential. I do know in my heart of hearts that the day is coming where I will be the woman I dream of now. Seems to me that Jay is saying that he used the image of where he wanted to be to get him to that point when he was in a less desirable situation. My message from hiphop today is to stay focused on the end goal. Keep it moving and move on to the next one that will help me move from right here to over there. WORD!

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