Mojo Coffee House

I've found it! This is my type of coffee shop - my place of inspiration! This no internet at home thing, forced me to hit the streets of Uptown in search of a spot w/affordable good coffee and tea, healthy snacks and tea, good energy and of course free wifi. MOJO's COFFEE HOUSE is my spot. First of all, it is located at the top of Magazine - I heart Magazine Street! Secondly, the energy is GREAT here! There's an eclectic group of folk that meet up here. The music is amazing - it is like an IPOD on shuffle and that works for me. The shelves are lined w/fresh herbs and a variety of coffee beans. It is friendly, it is warm (in feeling not temperature), it is EXACTLY where I need to be to share my OMG stories with you! Oh yeah, I almost forgot, they are open from 6am-midnight!!!
Yessir! If I'm not at work working for "the man", you can find me here working for "the woman" ... ME!

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