Introducing Ally Bea

I was watching Wendy Williams the other day. She was talking about Jon Legend and how he was her "friend in her head." She went on to explain that there are people that she does not really know but from what she sees of them, they'd be her friend. So she's deemed these people as "friends in her head". I've decided to get some friends in my head. (Don't worry - this is totally cool in a non-stalker, no homo, so SWF type way. I've got plenty of real-life friends - you can read about them in She Makes Me Wanna and throughout my blog. BUT my friends in my head are folks I read about online or follow in the entertainment world. The best part is I get to exercise my imagination - I don't really know them so they can be whoever I make them up to be!)

As you know I recently moved to New Orleans. I love it here and the main reason is because I feel that folk are uniquely authentic. I feel there is numerous amounts of talent and very little inhibition about putting that talent out there. There's this girl, Ally Bea-Bea Author that is TOTALLY my friend in my head, because she does her thing. I'm a huge fan of action and she appears to be a very active young woman. She's found her voice and I can dig that.

Here's what makes her my friend in my head.

More...First of all, she has a crew! I'm all about having a crew. One of my dreams is to "make it" as a film producer/personality and be featured in magazines w/my crew of equally successful friends. I get so excited when my friends and I get to collaborate on projects. It is so fulfilling to do the creative things I like but it becomes amazing when I'm creating with my friends. Ms. Bea has this super dope crew - they have a blog, radio shows (one is the Rat Pack, I mean really who wouldn't like that?) and they do events. Not just regular events but real cool, hip events right here in New Orleans - how fresh? I am attracted to friends who are extreme individuals comfortable in their skin. My best friends and I are trendsetters - not because we set out to do that, but because when we let ourselves fully shine, people embrace it. This girl seems to be above all else an individual. Her blogs and tweets indicate that she has a very distinct fashion sense that isn't the norm in New Orleans. On her radio show she makes it a point to expose folk to new and interesting music and artists (I first heard of Jay Electronica through their blog!).

We're totally friends in my head. I see us meeting at cool alternative spots like random tea shops or bars on Frenchman and talking about how what's new and fresh in the world - even though our worlds aren't exactly the same (I feel like she's got the music and street fashion covered, where as I'm more of a film/tv chick w/more of a boho meets classic meets glam fashion style). Our friendship in my head is very reciprocal - I'd share my L.A. experiences and she'd help me navigate my new life in NOLA. Even though I'm way too old, I'd come check out her events and support her endeavors. She'd come to my stuff when she wants to hang out with the "old folks" and she and her friends would be there when I do screenings of my film stuff (yeah, the DaVida Chanel stuff is going to appeal to all types of folk but I digress). We'd have silly girl convos about Trey Songz and Drake and other cuties. Oh and she'd try to influence my fashion choices - trying to keep my sneaker game up to date, while I encourage her to get more heels!

Click here to find my friend in my head, Ally Bea-Bea Author. When you enter her world, you'll see why she's a friend in my head, and she just might become a friend in yours.

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