Clearing Out the Old for the New

So ... my blog goes live RIGHT NOW! YAY!!!!! I'm really excited. I need to learn editing but I'm excited to share a little of me with you. I'm learning the editing software but in the meantime ... enjoy!


kay* said...

OH MY GOSH how cute are you?!?!? and you sound NOTHING like i thought you would! you're accent is SO cute. okay, i gotta go watch the rest of the video but i love this new video feature...maybe i should do that too when i return to blogging (in t-minus 2 weeks...)

enorman said...

I love this video! And how true it is! Cleaning out your closet is SO therapeutic. You start off just trying to rid yourself of clutter but you end up blessing someone else in the process. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Like those black Laundry pumps... I'll treasure those for you! Lol! Love it girl! :)

Zabrina S. said...

I just want to say u are doing a good job Davida...I don't know how u knew it but getting rid of the old to make room for the new is something i'm struggling with right now, i hate getting rid of my clothes and shoes, for some reason i always make an excuse not to get rid of something....i find myself wearing pretty much the same few pieces of clothing and like 2 pair of shoes that i really like all the time, leaving everything else in my closet untouched. Watching your video have motivated me to try once again to get rid of sum things....wish me luck, thanks!!!

Karla said...

Great post! Love the video. Congrats to you for making room for new things in your life. My hubby is also a hoarder. But, each season I go through his closet and get rid of things he didn't wear or use. We all know that I have the "gift of goodbye" so my closet is always lean and clean!
Oh, and I have 7 white oxford shirts, so I feel ya on that one. LOL!

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