Get F.A.T.?!?!

Since I've been back home, I often run into people I went to school with and boy have some of them changed. So many people have lost their girlish and boyish physiques and do not seem at all concerned about it. I've always been kind of compulsive about my weight and I manage to keep it around a desired number/size. It is not easy at all - ESPECIALLY living in New Orleans with all this amazing food! Since I don't like to work out, I find that I yo-yo diet when I need to drop some lbs. I must admit since I turned 30, it takes a lot more effort to drop that weight. When a guy from college sent an email saying Get F.A.T., I was like this fool is tripping! Luckily I read it and found that it was Get Fit At Thirty. The site gives all sorts of support and tips for those of us over the big 3-0 mark that want to stay in shape. I'm pretty excited because I must admit, I'm tired of the yo-yo dieting and just want to be in overall better shape. Now's as good as a time as any right!

For more information on Get F.A.T. check out the site by clicking here.

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