R.I.P. Aaliyah

Of all the celebrities I've admired and followed, I must say that Aaliyah always felt like family. I got to meet her and she was one of the most genuine, open people I've ever encountered. At the time, I was a freshman at Southern and during homecoming, my assignment was to do hospitality with artists that came to perform. I was assigned Aaliyah and got to greet her upon arrival, show her around campus, take her to her soundcheck (where I got to hangout with a young Outkast as she warmed up vocally), escort her and her family to their hotel, then finally accompany them to the show. She was so freaking cool! I mean it was only one day but her spirit was awesome. Because of our brief encounter, I was a REAL stan for that girl. I knew she was beyond talented and could not wait for people to see more of that talent emerge. And a few years they did. She found her "tribe" with Timberland, Missy and Ginuwine and BLEW UP! We got to see her dance more and her style was so freakin' great. When ROMEO MUST DIE came out and we got to see her acting prowess, I was blown away. I anxiously awaited what would become her final CD and when I heard ROCK THE BOAT, I was feenin' for the video...I wish I could take back that anticipation. She died flying back from filming it...It's nine years later and I'm still so in awe of her talent. (Funny when I totaled my car, that CD was in the player and of all my personal items that were returned, that was the one thing I never got back.) It's almost personal, like a cousin or old friend passed. In the moments when I've forgotten all about it, I'll see one of her movies or videos on and I'll get so sad. I can not watch ROCK THE BOAT because it's too emotional for me still. But today, nine years after her death, I'll celebrate her life. My two fav Aaliyah songs were "At Your Best" (the Isley Brothers remake) and "One and A Million". Enjoy...

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Karla said...

So sad! I can't watch Rock The Boat video either. The ending is too much! I miss her talent! The void in the music industry left when she passed has not been filled!

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