Is This My Renaissance?!?!

When I moved to New Orleans in February of 2009, my creative interests were been sparked. There's something about that city-it's like magic, but that's far too cliche' a term to describe how I feel there. Hmmm...I guess a better way to describe it would be that when I drove into the city for the first time en route to move into my apartment I felt a part of me wake up. That piece of me had made brief appearances throughout my life, but never long enough for me to tap into it... I was probably pushing it away before. This time, it was alive and vibrant-speaking to me and guiding my steps. No longer was my long list of goals and deadlines the priority, I was no longer in charge...this piece of me not only woke up but it took over. Everything I had dreamed of was starting to happen and FAST. My senses were so alive...everything I saw was live and in color, I heard notes of music I'd never experienced (even on songs I'd heard a million times), food tasted amazing. Even sex was different...EXPLOSIVE! LOL! I met random strangers I felt like I'd known for years-I swear I met someone from a former life! I was living in abundance-for real I paid all my bills for months working as only a waitress, got to take classes, started a business and came up with so many creative ideas, I couldn't keep up. Things were going beyond well in my creative life but it didn't seem "well" at the time. In fact, if you've read my blog, you know I was kicking and screaming and not so pleased with the state of my world.

At the time, I saw this as "magic" as a diversion from the plan so I was swimming against the current. I mean, I had never imagined spending my life in La., I was so determined to be L.A. and live among the awesomeness of LaLaLand. It wasn't until my birthday this year that I realized how I had been crapping on the opportunities that lie in front of me. I made a decision and told the Universe that I was ready for whatever it had in store (literally-lol! I'm one for ceremony!) I felt like something happened to me instantly in that moment,and unlike before I didn't feel the urge to question or fight it, I just let it take me over. And I'm glad I did.

In the last week I've had so many great opportunities come my way to just be creative which is all I've ever really wanted to do anyway. The most profound was that I became a part of a writer's group. For quite some time, I've desired to be a part of a group of authors who'd help support one another in their literary endeavors. I didn't have to find a group-it randomly found me. And as I sat and listened to the members share the stories they'd been lead to pen, I had an epiphany ...New Orleans was to me what Harlem had been for the creative community of the '20's. I'd found my renaissance and that thing I felt come alive inside of me in '09 was evidence of my rebirth. As I stared at my fellow writers and thought of all the amazingly talented musicians,/producers, actors, playwrights, chefs, etc., I'd come across in the Big Easy, I wondered if this rebirth I was experiencing was not just a unique me thing and we are all were a part of this movement. I mean did Langston Hughes and Billy Holiday really know their artistic contributions would become the Harlem Renaissance at the time or were they just pursuing their art?

I guess the point for once I should just create. And that's exactly what I plan to do...

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Marion Douglas said...

I'm proud of you! This is a great entry and good for you to recognize what is at work in your life and self correcting in order to be open and willing to accept the bounty of opportunities!

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