But when I finally got the power, what the f*ck did i do? I’m so sorry to y’all, everyone one of y’all that had to fight for my name/ Everyone of y’all a year ago that I made feel ashamed/ Everyone that said “Kanye is that n*gga quick [inaudible] my name, And all ya’ll…I am the one to blame / and the people that I let down, I wanna tell you, right here, right now that I’m a new man and understand my position of power.
Yall know I'm such a Kanye fan since the College Dropout. I've always appreciated him because I always felt like he was outwardly displaying the crap most of us have going on deep below the surface. I like how he's sharing even more of himself as he promotes his new project. Check it:

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†•▬Јw▬•† said...

For me, Kanye's best album was late registration. It's one of those classics that you can listen from intro to outro and enjoy every song thoroughly.
I find your blog particularly interesting. I'm still debating whether or not it's because of your taste in music :P

Sincerely, Jw.

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