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Last night I watched the NFL Hall of Fame inductions on ESPN. I enjoy when great athletes give speeches about their accomplishments - I generally find inspiration in their words. I was moved by Jerry Rice's long (long) speech and fired up after Floyd Little spoke but Emmitt Smith was the one that truly inspired me. The three-time Super Bowl champion running back holds the NFL record for career rushing yards but last night he delivered an impassioned speech that plainly stated some realities on how to turn your dreams into reality.

Smith grew up in Pensacola, Florida and dreamed of playing for the Dallas Cowboys as a kid. When he was up for the NFL draft, he was projected to go in the top 10. When the draft moved into the No. 11 spot and he had not been selected, he began to panic trying to figure out why he had not been selected. Long story short, while he was panicking, the Dallas Cowboys were behind the scenes making moves to sign him. AHA moment for real!!! While he was focused on at what spot he'd be selected, his biggest childhood dream was about to be realized. Funny how that happens...we (I) get so caught up in what isn't happening, sometimes we can't see what is being put together on our behalf.

We all have dreams and deep rooted desires. I truly believe the ones that we've carried with us since childhood are our divine appointments. I happen to be a HUGE dreamer and have had many dreams come to pass. My biggest dream/desire is to be a leader in the entertainment industry. Emmitt Smith's speech helped me to see that I've been placing my focus on the wrong thing. When certain situations don't pan out in my favor, I can get confused and lose focus. I began to second guess myself and my goals. What if, like Emmitt, the Universe is cooking up a way to deliver my biggest dreams while I'm focused on one small thing that I feel can get me to where I want to go?

I think his speech shined some light on my recent funk (feeling down about The Hollywood Reporter Next Generation List). What if while I'm worried about the list, I'm about to be blessed with a true realization of my complete dreams? I'm excited and hopefully that that is exactly what is happening! Another thing he spoke on was that there is a difference between having a dream and fulfilling a destiny...I'm about fulfilling my destiny.

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Tachic Hickman said...

Of course you know I watched the Induction Ceremony last night as well. Charlie wouldn't have it any other way. I posted a status on my FB page about Emmit's speech because I too was inspired. It had me crying, I'm so emotional, lol! It was simply AMAZING how he had a dream since the age of 6 and literally saw his dream become a reality. It's a speech I'll take with me forever. It put so much into perspective for me. And, also I LOVED Floyd Little's speech about NOT listening to the naysayers. Everything I heard last night I'm working to implement into my daily life.

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