The Joys of Being Single

I spent this past weekend in gratitude that I'm single! We were off for Independence Day on Thursday and Friday of last week. Since I'm not sure when my insurance will kick in again, I went to see the dentist on Thursday. I also spent the day taking care of other appointments that I never get to do during the work day. That night I watched JUNO and my little cousin and her boyfriend stopped by (HIGHLY interesting b/c at some points in the conversation, I literally covered my ears yelling TMI - what happened to my sweet little cousin and who replaced her with this grown lady!!!!). On Friday I flew by the seat of my pants. I intentionally made no plans and didn't obligate myself to being anywhere at any particular time - it was great. The day turned out to be cool and fun. On Saturday I slept and watched I AM LEGEND and didn't leave my house until 9:30pm to grab a bite to eat. Sunday I went to the 8:30 church service so I had the entire day to myself. I went to the grocery store, watched a movie (LARS AND THE REAL GIRL), took a nap then cooked myself an amazing dinner. When I got ready to go to bed last night I had to admit, I am ecstatic to be single! I can literally do exactly what I want without considering a partner or a child. When I'm full, the house is fed and if I don't want to do something, I don't have to. I never recognized the freedom in being single quite like I did this weekend. I'm definitely ready to fall in love and get carrie-d away, but I'm grateful for this "me" time alone!

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