LET instead of GET

I have built a life on "getting" - get that money, get that dude, get that car, get those shoes, get that job, get them hoes, get that fool, get that feeling ... get it, get it, get it girl (and get it guhl for my ghetto days). I have always been able to GET or at least try to get it - I'm a do-er and get is a "do" word. When I'm trying to get something I have to do something for it - make it happen, force it to happen, will it to happen. At church a couple weeks ago, Dr. Michael spoke about replacing a get mentality with a let mentality. I didn't quite understand so I had to review the meanings. By definition, get means to go after, arrive, cause, catch or reach. LET is not quite the same. LET means to allow or to permit. This reminded me that I'm supposed to be learning about surrender. LET is a word that resonates with surrendering. It is not passive like I had previously thought, but it requires work to LET and to surrender. Let is a more spiritual term than get. So as events steady come at me in my life, I'm reminded to just let it. Let my life evolve and unfold, let my attachment go, let it come to me and fall into place - LET IT BE ... ahhh let it be, somebody should write a song called "Let It Be" ...

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