What A Man ...

As I mature and get older, my prototype of the type of man I desire continues to evolve and change (thank God the days when I thought the prototype should include some inherent violence and gangsterness like O-Dog from Menace II Society are long gone!). Now when I picture the right type of man for me, I'm all about a one that is hardworking, successful, makes his family a priority and is concerned with welfare of the group. He can fit into pretty much any situation and while he is rather suave, he still maintains clear manliness - and he's gotta know how to fix some stuff! He looks fresh and well put together at all times. Words that describe my new prototype are dynamic, engaging, charismatic, suave. Here are some shots of the men that are helping me define what it is I want in a man. True enough, I don't really know these guys, but from a distant I like what I see and have perceived them to be. It is helpful in creating the image for the man I want in my life. Obviously I don't want these guys since the fact they are in marriages that seem to work are a part of the formula, the perfect man for me would be some sort of combination of the qualities I see in these guys ... what a man that would be!

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