My New Crib

I love blogging - it is fun and I feel like I have my own little spot on the big, huge world wide web where I can do exactly what I'd like (you know like having a teeny apartment in a big huge city?). I take pride in my blog as if it were my home. I decorate it often and switch things up a bit - you know keepin' the digs fresh. When I want to paint my room, I can change the color of my blog (for free and no effort - and it is instant). So as I work on my new image to start my new job and entering my new age (B day around the corner), I decided that my blog needed some NEWness too. So welcome to my new diggs online. I'm very excited because I actually had to go in and change some code - who knew I could do that!!! I've been inspired to do much more with the content too so you might see some changes in my posts too (I plan to write more when I feel like it instead of waiting for some huge epiphany). As usual, thanks for coming along for the journey - feel free to leave your shoes on when you come in.


Shamira-Christine said...

i've been reading your blog all day! you're really good DC!!


DaVida Chanel said...

YAY! Shamira glad you got to check me out!!!!!

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