What Hidden Talent?

I have a vision board in my bathroom that is supposed to inspire me in my career. It is full of quotes, cute sayings and pictures that are meant to get me crunk before the start of a new day at the job. Well it is in a spot that I don't have to look at everyday so I had kind of forgotten about it. Today I caught a glimpse of this one quote from Scarlett Johansson:
My hidden talent? I don't keep any of my talents hidden! With me, it's more like, "Hey, look at what I can do!"
I love that quote and that attitude! And it is clearly working in her world - she's a great, acclaimed actress who has an album due out soon. Now her music might not be for me, but she's doing her thing. And it is because she's not holding any of her self back.
I really needed to see this quote and have this revelation today - my last day at my current job is tomorrow but my boss will be out of the office so it is sort of like today. My current boss is such a nice guy and is sad because I'm leaving which devastates me (as a person who struggles with abandonment issues, it is very hard to leave people ESPECIALLY people who want me to stay; unlike my last boss who hid his true feelings by pushing me away, this boss is very vocal in his desire for me to stay and it is tearing me up). The quote reminds me that I MUST share my talent and allow myself to grow and shine. Who am I to hold back the gifts that God has given to me? And at this new gig, I will have the opportunity to shine in front of a much bigger audience and get that much closer to my goals of being here in Hollywood. I have to take my own advice and take a step in the direction of my dreams right?
So Ms. Johansson quote has set the tone for the day and like all things reminded me that what we need is always there.

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Shamira-Christine said...

a vision board...that's an awesome idea! the problem for me is that i don't know what my talents are. i mean, i'm good at just about anything i'm assigned to do; and i do have a couple of passions, but not many fruits b/c i don't know which area in which to direct my labor...

how did you discover your talents?

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