She Wants That Thing ...

When people would ask one of my old bosses "why" or "how come", he'd walk them to the door and say because that right there is my name on the door. One day my name will be on a door and I can not wait.
Everyone has different things in life. Some people love to dance - they are so into dance, they move through the day on their toes instead of flat footed like the rest of the world. Some people love their families and their life revolves around that - their decisions are based on the members of their family and their family obligations and schedules. My thing has been and will continue to be work. I literally love work - it is the priority always. When I was very young I got my aunt to teach me how to answer the phone and file papers at the funeral home when I was there to visit. I worked the counter at my great-uncle's little corner store and I was the best 6 year old bartender you ever wanted to see at all of my family events. I take pride in my work - I've never looked at any job as "just a job" - there is no such thing to me. And if a job felt unfulfilling or was the type of job that took no effort, then it wasn't the gig for me and I'd quit. As you can imagine after hearing this, I'm a great employee and have never left any job without fanfare, words of encouragement and the best referrals you could imagine (even from bars LOL!). It is my goal to one day take all the skills I've learned at all these levels of employment and start my own business - put DaVida Chanel on the door.
I have taken time to really plan and architect the career I desire. I know exactly what I want and I keep my truest dreams close to my chest because I don't really care about anyone's opinion on my goals. These goals are too big to be mine alone so I know that they were placed in my heart by a higher power. And I work hard at it - I don't ever "phone in" when it comes to the plan - this is my "thing" and I take it extremely serious. I know without a doubt that I'm built for this - everything from my spirituality, former religion, astrology, numerology, genealogy - all of it points to building a career where I can one day become the boss and have a successful business.
The conflict arises when things don't quite work according to the plan. Life has a little bit of a risk factor and we all take chances and risks along the way to get to the dreams and desires of our hearts - it doesn't just happen. But when taking risks, you can sometimes lose - that loss provides a bigger lesson in the future but in the present it seems that a mistake may have been made or a wrong turn could have been taken. I'm so happy that I now know there are no mistakes in life - mistakes are a myth. Everything that happens always happens for a reason. When it looks like a failure to me, I could be getting set up for a huge victory - that is just how it works. I've learned to take the "L" and keep it moving. This is not done without any emotion - it hurts and it is okay to feel that hurt but I refuse to live in it.
One of the realest things I ever heard was about these three lepers in the Bible days. The passage opens with them stuck on the side of the road. They were hungry, desperate and in need of shelter and food. There choices were to stay on the side of the road, go back to where they had come or to keep moving forward. These all seemed like horrible choices at the time: going back wasn't good because they know what they had just experienced where they were - heck that is why they left in the first place! They could just stay where they were but where they were was whack - it was the side of the road with nothing. Or they could move forward although they had no idea what to expect. They decide that it was faith that led them to leave in the first place so they continued onward. It got rougher and they went through more bad patches but in the end, they arrived at a community that had been deserted at the threat of war. This community had everything and they had just left it all there - I mean gold, the finest silks, all kinds of stuff. The lepers were able to experience a life they had never known - they got to build the community in the way they would have it. They always knew in their hearts they were destined for more, and the reality was they were and now they just had to step into it. As bad as it got and even when they doubted themselves, they never gave up the belief they were destined for more.
Regardless of what appears to be happening right now, the truth is there is no lack in my life, all of my needs are met and God is always sufficient in every area of my life. Right now as I sit on the side of the road, my only choice is to press forward toward the dream and desire of my heart. Yes it is hard and sometimes hurts like hell but I am not that hurt. I allow myself to fully take on that pain and then simply release it and let it go. I know that I'm not out here trying to get something or make something happen - I'm following a plan that is laid out by something bigger than me. Even when it looks bad, hurts and I can't figure it out, I am always exactly where I'm supposed to be ... in pursuit of my "thing"!

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