Be Blessed!!!!!!!

At Gloria's funeral, this guy got up to sing. He said that her mom had requested one song but that God placed another song on his heart on the day of the service. I could tell by his voice that he could sing and thought he was about to sing something that was going to make me super sad. Instead, he sang something that gave me hope. The song he sang was about praying and supporting those you love and are around so to all of my friends and blog readers, I offer the bridge of this song and you can hear the song on the link below.

I see you in the future
And you look better
I see you walking in favor and prosperity too
Let me encourage you
Let me speak life to you
You can depend on God to see you through
You can depend on me to pray for you
I pray for you
You pray for me
And watch God change things ...


Kendra said...

What a beautiful song. Thank you for sharing this, friend. You are in my prayers always.

enorman said...

Thank you D! I really needed to hear that today. So grateful that I can call you friend :)

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