Miss Independent

Every now and then a song comes along that I feel defines the woman I want to be come. The highlights of these songs have been hits like "Bossy," "Upgrade U," and even "Queen B*&ch" back in the day to name a few. Today I heard a song that I feel defines a little more of who I am right now. I don't usually listen to the radio, but today I tuned in on the way to the job. I heard Neyo's Miss Independent. This is my new cut!

This song made me so proud to be exactly who I am right now. There is something to be said about my independence - Neyo said there is something about a woman who can do for herself. That is right Neyo! I can take care of myself pretty well by now. He also says there is something about a woman who wants but doesn't need you. That is right! When I was younger I needed every guy I dated ... well I thought I did. Now I don't need a man, I can handle my needs on my own. I do want to be in a relationship. I want a man, but I'm not as needy or pressed anymore. Now I know that it'll happen when it happens and it will be right because I'm right. I'm a little more independent now!

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Shamira-Christine said...

very cool song; the video is going to be hot too! (starring gabriel union and lauren "new new" london.

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