There are certain words in the English language that make me squirm. Someone walking around the office I work in just said one - Piss.

I hate that word. It is just so ewww!!! I don't like the different uses of piss either (pissy, pisstivity, pissed). I generally don't use any of those words because I get an instant memory of the first time I heard my mother say something smelled pissy. It is worse than a normal urine smell - pissy is like stale, old nasty pee. EWWW!!!!

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kay* said...

oh i hear you on this - there are some words my mom says in her jamaican accent that make my skin crawl - i hate it! and she knows it so i think she says them on purpose-lol. for example "cratches" (like crotch) and "man" (i know it looks normal but you gotta hear it with the jamaican accent. it sounds like a dirty old geezer...lol.

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