Isn't She Lovely

I am in tears as I type ... happy tears, proud tears, hopeful tears! I just heard Michelle Obama's speech from the Democratic National Convention and I am proud to be an American, proud to be an African-American and proud to be a woman but most of all proud to be present at this point in our history.
She so eloquently spoke on her life and her husband and I am beyond excited for what the next page in history will be with him as leader of America. Change is happening all around us, major change. Gigantic shifts in how the world is viewing itself. Her speech spoke to that.
Who are we not to dream and then go after those dreams? Who are we not to pursue our greatness and find a way to give back to our communities and our families? Well I'll speak for me, who am I not to?
I am so excited about the America we are becoming with the leadership of the Obama's.
YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!

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kay* said...

sounds like a moving speech 0- i'm going to have to you tube it - i missed it.

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