Introducing ... DaVida Chanel

Here is my new blog!!! I'm really excited for this time in my life and what better time to show off my new digs! I felt it was timely to change the name - I'm no longer living under the guise of a lie so my blog title needed to reflect what is really happening in my life - I'm introducing DaVida Chanel to the world!
I am embarking on a new chapter in my life and here are my goals for the year with my blog. In general this year, I want to spend more time on my creative talents, namely writing. Last year, I made it a point to start a blog and now that I have one, I want to make it a priority with more detailed, well thought posts instead of just a general journal. One of the things I'm experiencing and want to share is my move back to the "homeland". I'm learning a lot about myself through this experience and I want to share it with my readers. Additionally, I've recently decided to move to New Orleans. I'd like my entries to reveal my thoughts on the rebuilding of the city from my perspective.
I'm excited about the things to come! I look forward to a new year!!!


kay* said...

yay to new beginnings!

Shamira-Christine said...

cheers to the new blog DC! (i thought you abandoned me...lol) i'll be out your way this Summer, i'm going to expect a thorough tour of Nawlins'...

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