What I'm Lovin' Now

I have been exposed to a few things that I am really loving right now ...
I am LOVING New Orleans right now! The city is known as "The Big Easy" and it is teaching me how to be more "easy". I find new things every day that bring me small bits of joy. I am digging this city right now.

Amy Winehouse's first album - a friend of mine gave me a couple of CD's and this one is so good! Amy is so soulful! I realize her second album achieved critical acclaim but when I got it I just wasn't that into it. This CD is so on! "Stronger Than Me" is a great song and she lets you know exactly how she is feeling. I am now all about Amy Winehouse getting back on track so that she can create more music like this.

Muscato d'Asti - my old roommate had introduced me to the goodness that is Asti!!! I went to a wine bar and got a glass of muscato d'asti and now I'm back on it! It is super dooper sweet but I love it ... and apparently it is good no matter the brand!

Green Tea w/Jasmine - Whole Foods sells this tea in a can and I also bought some to brew. Studies show that drinking green tea helps with weight loss. I'm not sure I'm really losing any weight but I'm enjoying the deliciousness as I try!


Piper Madison said...

Wow, Amy looks so healthy and happy on that cd cover. Remember when she wasn't a train wreck? She's so talented. It's a shame.

Karla said...

Do you know that I once drank an entire bottle of Moscato d'Asti by myself. I was intending to only have a "starter" glass while preparing a big dinner for my hubby. When he got home 2 hours later, dinner was done and so was the bottle. LOL!

I'm praying for Ms. Winehouse. Her voice is too amazing to be wasted on so much drama!

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