What Had Happened Today ...

I'm officially apartment hunting. I've found my dream place! It is so cute and has all types of space for my creative endeavors. It is $50 cheaper than I expected to pay and it is in an ideal location. The problem is that I don't have my deposit yet :( I should have it by Tuesday but what if someone rents my place? Apparently in New Orleans, you have to pay your security deposit when you turn in your application. Really? Oh well, I know I am only supposed to focus on what I want so I'll stop moaning over this place.
Today I had a mini breakdown. I can be kind of anal when it comes to work. Whether the job at hand is to run off copies or to create a new organizational system for a company, I don't care, I take it serious. Today I was to do my 5th training shift at my part time gig. I have done extremely well on days 1-4 and just knew today would go swimmingly. It didn't. In fact, it sank. I have my suspicions on why it happened but I won't get into that. I do know that I was heated! LOL!
My car's check engine light went off today. It came on last Sunday. Apparently if you don't twist your gas tank cap tightly, it triggers the check engine light. I learned this when I took my car in for a diagnostic. You have to drive regularly for 3-5 days and the light will go off. It finally went off today.
During my suck azz day at work, this guy had a $20 next to his foot under his table. I let him know and thought nothing of it. He was apparently impressed and on his way out he shook my hand and placed something in it - the $20! AND my horoscope for the month said today I should be open to receiving money! (LOL! Too bad I was expecting the deposit for my new place otherwise that nice gesture would have probably been the highlight of my day!)
To avoid being disgusted at myself for being so upset about work, I came home and worked on my REAL job ... I finally finished the query letter I've been working on. One of my major goals this year is to be published in a national publication so I'm excited I finally wrapped up my letter. Now if I could just stop re-reading it ...
And so went my day ...

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