Ahhhhh, I'm officially ready for 2009!
You may be thinking, isn't it a couple days late for that? Well, honestly, I wasn't quite up for it on the First! I did allow my friends to get me out for NYE! I spent the night on the town in New Orleans (fitting since I want to live there this year). I didn't like my dress once I got out BUT I had a fab-0 hair day (thanks Mistie for those bday pearls - finally got to wear 'em!). I spent New Year's Day in bed being down and out ... I was pretty down on being me. I was upset b/c I couldn't believe the state of my life at the beginning of this year (no job, no idea what I want to do, living at my Granny's ARGH!). Luckily on Friday I had a couple of reality check phone calls (thanks Karla, Chante and Ra!) and got my mind right. I spent Friday and Saturday at home contemplating what is next for me. Those days alone were exactly what I needed to figure out exactly what it is I desire for this year.

I've decided that this year is about me finding and cultivating a life that is reflective of who I am. And here's the exciting part, at 32, I'm not quite sure who that is. By spending this time at my Granny's, I've discovered a lot of my actions and beliefs are not mine. In a lot of ways, I'm just echoing the behaviors of my family. I notice her reactions to things that seem so trivial then I see myself flipping out over details just as menial. I also notice how a lot of her information comes from other sources (she often tells me things she knows and she sites her sources as her friends never quite revealing how she feels on the matter, but rather just repeating what they feel). I'm not judging her at all, I just recognize (especially after a candid convo w/Karla) that I don't always make up my own mind. I can have a tendency to go with what is popular belief.

This year is about tapping into what I believe and cultivating my own thoughts on who I am. Instead of filling my days and nights with anxious thoughts of what is to come, I'm going to go out on a limb and do the just live thing and see how that goes. This is an adventure for me but I'm going to take it on. I looked at my vision board during my days of solitude and the word EXPLORER jumped out at me. That's what I'm doing - I'm exploring who and what I want to be. I'm going to trust and believe that the Universe is watching over me during this expedition and that all my needs are met. I'm ready to travel into the depths of DaVida Chanel.

The first change will be a new blog name. As soon as I figure out how to switch it w/o losing my current subscribers (I'm sure kay can help with this!), I'm going to unveil my new name. I can't continue on this journey of truth proclaiming that my name is a lie! LOL!
Today's Adventure

Today I decided to venture out into my new city of New Orleans (I'm claiming that I'll be officially set up and living here by Mardi Gras on Feb. 24). I saw a worship center on line that reminded me of Agape in L.A. I went and had a great time. They did a ritual where you released things from the past year that no longer serve you (literally burning them) and then you wrote a letter to yourself that they will mail to you this time next year. How fun! I found a great brunch spot on Yelp called Refuel and it is soooooooo good! It is right off of Carrolton in the heart of Uptown (the area I want to live) and they have free wifi (so I'm actually blogging right now in the middle of a cafe! How cool?!?!) When I'm done here, I'm going see The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons. After the movie, I'm going to have a glass of wine somewhere and jump into a script I had to put on the backburner due to my move (a Bianca Douglas original!) and head home (unless a friend comes through w/a place to stay for the evening then I'll have a couple of drinks! LOL!). Tomorrow I'll volunteer at the Film Office and set up hours in which I'll go in. Overall, I'm excited b/c I am feeling the type of positive energy I want to surround me and my move here.
For the first time since I got to Louisiana, I'm ready for what is to come ... REALLY ready and excited for this journey into me! Stay tuned!!!!


Karla said...

I'm looking forward to following your journey this year!

kay* said...

whooo-hooo! welcome back! i was starting to wonder where you had disappeared to :)

i totally here you about cultivating your own thoughts on who you are/want to be...and kind of being a product of your surroundings etc. this might be a small example but - for example - my family and everyone i grew up around is totally a hard egg yolk eating kinda person. the thought of an egg sunny side up is totally gross to them and in my house your egg is either hardboiled, fried or scrambled. so i grew up thinking "yolks that aren't hard??? yuck!" then i kept sawing delicious pictures of eggs benedict....finally about a year and a half ago i went to a breakfast place early in the morning outside my (old) job, by myself, and ordered eggs benedict. it was the BEST breakfast eggs I ever had and such a treat. now i LOVE eating eggs benedict and don't mind my egg yolk being not 100% hard.....though i won't eat either in front of my fam ;) they'd just say 'ewww' and make faces.

it's a little thing but that was kinda one way of cultivating who i am and want to be...i want to be a person that eats delicious breakfasts consisting of eggs benedict!

lol. sorry for the really long post. can't wait to see what happens for you this year.

heres to '09 my friend!

Bianca (as in Jagger) said...

Girl, I am ALREADY envious of your life. Truly one of the most motivating factors is pushing outside of your own comfort level and routine. I am sensing big things for you this year... Can't wait to see it all unfold!

Love you & miss you, my dear!

P.S. That B-Doug original is currently 10 new pages closer to being a pilot script. Stay tuned. :)

kay* said...

how was the movie?!?

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