Introducing ... Coco

A week ago everybody at work started calling me Coco. It was so funny because my friend Chante used to call me CoCo when we'd go out - she said I came out of my shell when I knocked a couple back. I don't know if I "got it" back then, but when my co-workers started to say it (and I was sober, I began to wonder what if DaVida Chanel (a whole 'nother alter ego -its just so on all the time folk think it is the real) became Coco?!?! Sooooo .... last week I did some things I think my Coco alter ego would enjoy! (And she I mean me I guess I mean WE are having a ball!)
  1. Watch a Foreign Film - I want to go on a trip SOOOOOO bad but right now I'm really busy at work (both my job job and my job building my company). I love foreign films. Not only do you get to know great new characters like in every movie, now you can explore foreign lands as well. Coco loves new and different places!
  2. Rent Coco Before Chanel - I LOVE THIS MOVIE! (and it jus' so happens to satisfy no. 1). Her impact on fashion is clear but this movie deals with her BEFORE all that. Something about her felt so familiar. Maybe it was b/c she was different and folk didn't quite understand her, maybe because she was so content on never getting married, maybe it was b/c she had no shame or guilt in her game or maybe it was her burning desire to be better than she was-whatever it was I felt very connected to her story. Such a great movie!
  3. Get a New 'Do - It just so happens that in the movie a character commented that when a woman cuts her hair she gets a new life. Well I decided to the do the opposite - I got A LOT of new hair! LOL! And I love it! It gave me a new take on life. I'm not sure why - I have always had "hair" but lately it hasn't been behaving well (still adjusting to being back south I guess). So a new do has definitely given me a new perspective on life!
  4. Dress for Your Shape - My body is an X shape. This is the "ideal" body shape for a woman. The problem is I don't like MY X shape. I like my body better when I'm slimmer. While I'm taking steps toward that, I've decided to embracing the curves that I generally try to hide (having a big azz is not always the business trust me! Sometimes I feel like the world is staring at my behind and I hate that!). But I've found that embracing this body right now has helped me feel more comfortable with it (big butt and all). Find out your body shape and do things to accentuate it!
  5. Work Out -

    I hate, loathe and detest working out but I recognize the best body I ever had was when I worked out with Scott Parker. I was very fit and slim and felt great. So I got back into the workout groove. I got a video tape (Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred) and I've been getting it in. (I have even gotten that cute little line down the middle of my belly I so love!).
  6. Spend time with Younger Folk - young people have an entirely different energy. Switching up the energy every now and then is a great thing!
  7. Do Things That You Think Are "Crazy" - meditate, visualize, astro travel, lucid dream, dance under the moon, spend some time with tarot cards ... all those things folk say is "crazy," try 'em just to see what happens. (I did and came out a whole new identity!).
Stay tuned, I think Coco might be hanging around throughout the summer!

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