My Alter Ego? Ms. Pepper Potts

During the month of May, I committed to getting my stuff together. I've been putting in WORK! I worked on my eating habits, worked out more and got my affirmation and meditation game RIGHT! I've never been this focused so I thought it was time to release my alter ego (she's been acting up trying to get out!). As a symbolic welcome that inner me, I got a huge makeover. Watch ...

(Dana Chanel is my hair stylist and she ROCKS! Jonathan Hamilton did my entire look for the night - makeup, hairstyling (styling the hair Dana made look like it grew from my roots!), AND he designed the dress IN ONE DAY! Without ever putting a tape measure to me! No wonder his fashion line JerkandJon is on its way!! I love my people!!! They are so talented and amazing! I'm grateful they are in my world!!!)


mistie said...

i love the fearless play behind it all! Stretching and growing in action. Ballsy woman putting yourself out there in exploration. He definitely accentuates your figure. Work what you have lady!Congrats!

Karla said...

Made me realize how much I miss your vignettes. More movies, please!

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