Lest I Forget ...

I've been involved in three car accidents in my life. The last one was so random yet horrible it shapes a lot of my life. Its a long story but the moral is this - things are never as bad as they seem. When I had that wreck, everything changed. My life was downgraded in the worse way. I had moved to Houston for school and the plan was that I'd live at home. But I was now living at home with no car! I was devastated. I literally had to catch the bus for school and we since we lived in the hood for real, my bus stop also happened to be the pickup spot for hookers. Things were not great and I could not imagine they'd ever get better. (For instance, after waiting four months for my car to be fixed, I found out it was totaled.) Everyday was darker than the one before (I had never lived with my mom so that was an adjustment; no car; no money because I was paying for school; nothing.) But you know what, one day things got better. I don't remember how it happened or what got better, it just did. One day things were just okay. I need to remember that story right now. Things are great, good things are happening-wonderful things are happening but something feels off. I can't let it get me down though, I've been here before and I succeeded. So I can't forget where I've come from as I continue to forge the path of where I'm going. I refuse to forget ... or give up. I'm all in.

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