Introducing Kourtney Heart

About two months ago, I got the opportunity to do publicity for an up and coming singer/songwriter Kourtney Heart. This girl is amazing! I won't even get into her talent, let me just tell you about what makes me excited about being a part of her team.

Kourtney has that thing ... you know how like whether you like people like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera you have to respect them because they really work hard at their craft. Kourtney has that type of work ethic right now ... at 16! She works equally as hard in the classroom and maintains an above 3.0 GPA. But my favorite part is that she gets the bigger picture in the grand scheme of things.

I always say I want to give back but I rarely do because of the ... I don't have enough money or there's not enough time or other excuses. Kourtney makes it a priority to use whatever time she has to host and participate in events that have a civic appeal. She got her start by turning popular songs into jingles to prevent teen smoking and singing at her teen advocacy events around town. And now that she has two songs on rotation here in the city, she's decided to host an event that will help girls aged 7-14 develop self esteem. Kourtney gets upset when she hears young girls compare themselves unrealistically to others, and decided she wanted to do something for the girls that made them feel good about themselves. We've prepared an awesome event for these girls. The fact that she was so excited about doing it makes me equally excited that someone so young gets it.

Get to know Kourtney Heart on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. She also has a blog click here. I've included her new video "My Boy" featuring Magnolia Shorty. This song is so cool for the summer because it is fun and light! It's a radio hit here and since she's from New Orleans she's got authentic moves to go with it! The second video is her debut single "Spell It Out" because I find it to be such a cute little song that shows more of her sound (more videos are on youtube that show her range). I mean I know I will STILL buy a brand new outfit and shoes when I know I'm going to see a new boy I like!!! LOL! Sooo ... without further ado, start to get to know Ms. Kourtney Heart!

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