'Nother New Do

I love trying new looks and I've decided that since I'm a grown up I can look however I chose to right?!?! So, I got a new look! I feel like it fits me b/c I LOVE big bouncy curly hair AND this look was inspired from within NOT from outside forces. Special shout out to my potential new client Ms. Dana Chanel for hooking me up!!! (How ironic is it that my new hairdresser/possible client's name is so close to mine!!!) Dana Chanel is an amazing stylist who specializes in looks that make a statement. What do you think my new do is saying?!?!?


Kay* said...

in my world - the bigger, the curlier, the better. LOVE IT!

enorman said...

Oooh!!! I LOVE it! To me your new do is saying, "I am fun, fabulous, and ready to take on anything! Work it girl! ;)

Kristian said...

It's beautiful. It says your life is about to change. That's the story for new do's. Love it!

Mysti Rene said...

Ure giving me a very Uranian vibe here.
Unpredictable, sudden, dramatic, free. How's
it feel?

Karla said...

Need I even mention how I feel about loads of curls? Especially the big bouncy kind? ;)

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