Me on Body Image

One random Saturday last summer year I was walking down Magazine to see my old "new BFF" Justin. It was our last Saturday off before he shipped of to Hawaii so I was anxious to get the fun started. On my way there was a guy w/a camera who asked if I'd answer one question on camera. Of course I did! (No I'm not vain, I just LOVE cameras! LOL!) The question was simple, "How do you feel about body image." It lightweight freaked my out. Fast forward to last night. My sis' texted me that I was on the news in BTR for participating in the body image project. No idea what she was talking about. Then I realized it was the one random Saturday. You can see the news story by visiting wafb.com. and the actual promo is below. Let me know what you think of my REALLY candid response LOL! Also for further information on the project visit www.bodyimageproject.com.


becky g said...

that is an AWESOME promo and you are just too freakin cute!! love you DaVida and all of your energy and excitement. you did great!!

Marion said...

LOVED your reaction! Great project too. Thanks for sharing it :)

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