My Alter Ego? Ms. Pepper Potts

During the month of May, I committed to getting my stuff together. I've been putting in WORK! I worked on my eating habits, worked out more and got my affirmation and meditation game RIGHT! I've never been this focused so I thought it was time to release my alter ego (she's been acting up trying to get out!). As a symbolic welcome that inner me, I got a huge makeover. Watch ...

(Dana Chanel is my hair stylist and she ROCKS! Jonathan Hamilton did my entire look for the night - makeup, hairstyling (styling the hair Dana made look like it grew from my roots!), AND he designed the dress IN ONE DAY! Without ever putting a tape measure to me! No wonder his fashion line JerkandJon is on its way!! I love my people!!! They are so talented and amazing! I'm grateful they are in my world!!!)


Lest I Forget ...

I've been involved in three car accidents in my life. The last one was so random yet horrible it shapes a lot of my life. Its a long story but the moral is this - things are never as bad as they seem. When I had that wreck, everything changed. My life was downgraded in the worse way. I had moved to Houston for school and the plan was that I'd live at home. But I was now living at home with no car! I was devastated. I literally had to catch the bus for school and we since we lived in the hood for real, my bus stop also happened to be the pickup spot for hookers. Things were not great and I could not imagine they'd ever get better. (For instance, after waiting four months for my car to be fixed, I found out it was totaled.) Everyday was darker than the one before (I had never lived with my mom so that was an adjustment; no car; no money because I was paying for school; nothing.) But you know what, one day things got better. I don't remember how it happened or what got better, it just did. One day things were just okay. I need to remember that story right now. Things are great, good things are happening-wonderful things are happening but something feels off. I can't let it get me down though, I've been here before and I succeeded. So I can't forget where I've come from as I continue to forge the path of where I'm going. I refuse to forget ... or give up. I'm all in.

This Is So Me

I got this from Pearls Before Swine - it is by Stephen Pastis. Do you have this issue?!?!


It's Happening ...

Today I came to the conclusion that I'm really good at working for others. I also came to the conclusion I'm going to be GREAT when I do the things that move me. I'll share more soon but just know that things are really REALLY happening for me. And I am ready for all that is coming my way! (Sorry for the vagueness but I HAD to share even though the time is not quite right to put it all out there. Its coming though-stay tuned!)


Introducing ... Coco

A week ago everybody at work started calling me Coco. It was so funny because my friend Chante used to call me CoCo when we'd go out - she said I came out of my shell when I knocked a couple back. I don't know if I "got it" back then, but when my co-workers started to say it (and I was sober, I began to wonder what if DaVida Chanel (a whole 'nother alter ego -its just so on all the time folk think it is the real) became Coco?!?! Sooooo .... last week I did some things I think my Coco alter ego would enjoy! (And she I mean me I guess I mean WE are having a ball!)
  1. Watch a Foreign Film - I want to go on a trip SOOOOOO bad but right now I'm really busy at work (both my job job and my job building my company). I love foreign films. Not only do you get to know great new characters like in every movie, now you can explore foreign lands as well. Coco loves new and different places!
  2. Rent Coco Before Chanel - I LOVE THIS MOVIE! (and it jus' so happens to satisfy no. 1). Her impact on fashion is clear but this movie deals with her BEFORE all that. Something about her felt so familiar. Maybe it was b/c she was different and folk didn't quite understand her, maybe because she was so content on never getting married, maybe it was b/c she had no shame or guilt in her game or maybe it was her burning desire to be better than she was-whatever it was I felt very connected to her story. Such a great movie!
  3. Get a New 'Do - It just so happens that in the movie a character commented that when a woman cuts her hair she gets a new life. Well I decided to the do the opposite - I got A LOT of new hair! LOL! And I love it! It gave me a new take on life. I'm not sure why - I have always had "hair" but lately it hasn't been behaving well (still adjusting to being back south I guess). So a new do has definitely given me a new perspective on life!
  4. Dress for Your Shape - My body is an X shape. This is the "ideal" body shape for a woman. The problem is I don't like MY X shape. I like my body better when I'm slimmer. While I'm taking steps toward that, I've decided to embracing the curves that I generally try to hide (having a big azz is not always the business trust me! Sometimes I feel like the world is staring at my behind and I hate that!). But I've found that embracing this body right now has helped me feel more comfortable with it (big butt and all). Find out your body shape and do things to accentuate it!
  5. Work Out -

    I hate, loathe and detest working out but I recognize the best body I ever had was when I worked out with Scott Parker. I was very fit and slim and felt great. So I got back into the workout groove. I got a video tape (Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred) and I've been getting it in. (I have even gotten that cute little line down the middle of my belly I so love!).
  6. Spend time with Younger Folk - young people have an entirely different energy. Switching up the energy every now and then is a great thing!
  7. Do Things That You Think Are "Crazy" - meditate, visualize, astro travel, lucid dream, dance under the moon, spend some time with tarot cards ... all those things folk say is "crazy," try 'em just to see what happens. (I did and came out a whole new identity!).
Stay tuned, I think Coco might be hanging around throughout the summer!

Did You Know I Was Pushy?!?!

A bit of my story has been featured on the AMAZING Pushy Dreamers Website!!! I'm really flattered and honored because I go there often for inspiration to remind me why I'm doing the things I do. Click here to see why I'm a PUSHY DREAMER!!!


The Cult of Done Manifesto

My friend Casey at work has this posted next to his desk. I think it is magnificent and it was written by someone who makes things. Notice I didn't say that thinks of things and lets them just fester. It is in my nature to do ...


I'm Ready!!

Alicia Keys' latest song "Unthinkable," has made me realize not only that I'm ready but what I'm ready for! I'm not longer content living a mediocre existence. I'm ready to live up to my true potential. I'm ready to grow my business and expand my brand. I'm ready to create great stories and characters. I'm ready to enjoy my life ALL THE TIME! I'm ready to release all things that no longer serve me. I'm ready to be a better, more authentic me. I'm ready to life the life I dream about. I'm so ready!!!!


'Nother New Do

I love trying new looks and I've decided that since I'm a grown up I can look however I chose to right?!?! So, I got a new look! I feel like it fits me b/c I LOVE big bouncy curly hair AND this look was inspired from within NOT from outside forces. Special shout out to my potential new client Ms. Dana Chanel for hooking me up!!! (How ironic is it that my new hairdresser/possible client's name is so close to mine!!!) Dana Chanel is an amazing stylist who specializes in looks that make a statement. What do you think my new do is saying?!?!?


Me on Body Image

One random Saturday last summer year I was walking down Magazine to see my old "new BFF" Justin. It was our last Saturday off before he shipped of to Hawaii so I was anxious to get the fun started. On my way there was a guy w/a camera who asked if I'd answer one question on camera. Of course I did! (No I'm not vain, I just LOVE cameras! LOL!) The question was simple, "How do you feel about body image." It lightweight freaked my out. Fast forward to last night. My sis' texted me that I was on the news in BTR for participating in the body image project. No idea what she was talking about. Then I realized it was the one random Saturday. You can see the news story by visiting wafb.com. and the actual promo is below. Let me know what you think of my REALLY candid response LOL! Also for further information on the project visit www.bodyimageproject.com.


Cracktracks Presents ... Motivation 504

So as I've been discussing lately, I REALLY believe New Orleans is about to make a serious impact on the music scene at large. I've been experiencing some truly great music lately and the last few weeks I have been all about this one producer Cracktracks. He puts out the best mixtapes and my favorite of his to date was Space Musik but ... he JUST dropped his latest entitled MOTIVATION 504. Hmmm, since I live in the 504 (New Orleans area code) and am desperately in need of some real, true motivation, I did something I never do and waited up for the midnight release! That was SUCH a good decision!!! This mixtape is REALLY good and features a lot of next to blow artists as well as the current "next biggest thing" Jay Electronica - all from right here in New Orleans!!!! I'm beyond excited I feel like it is just another sign I'm in the right place at the right time! Check it out and let me know your favs!!!!! (Might I suggest 2, 3, 15, 17, 19 or 24 to start?!?!)


And She Does It Again ...

Y'all know I love me some Beyonce. Her new video/song Why Don't You Love Me written by Solange, makes me crunk because I am so happy I'm past that phase of "love". Last year this time this song would have been my ANTHEM. Now I love the song b/c I have come to the point where I could give a f(#& what some dude who doesn't want to love me thinks. Now I can just enjoy the song in peace. Here's the video so you can enjoy as well!



Summer movies ROCK! Here's one I can not wait to see. Chris Nolan became a fav after I saw Memento (I love love love The Prestige as well!). And this one stars my boy Leo!!! AND it focuses one of my biggest realizations of this century - there is no limit to what the mind can create!
Can not wait until July 16!

Who Gonna Hustle Like Me?!?

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. ~Abraham Lincoln

Even as far back as the Lincoln days, ole' honest Abe knew the importance of HUSTLE. I'd say it proved successful for him-he's considered one of the best presidents in history after all!!! The dictionary defines hustle as "getting by trying hard". I define hustle as "getting by DOING hard". (Nothing beats a "try" like a "DO"!) I feel like when I was in L.A. I was always surrounded by "the hustle". EVERYBODY was hustling ALL THE TIME! The industry there is serious and there's a gazillion people equally as qualified as you are that have all the same credentials. Now that I'm in New Orleans, there is a WHOLE 'nother type of hustle. There is a huge music scene here - so many emerging talents it is ridiculous. It is so much going on, so many ways for someone with my career experience to get involved. I want to just sit back and watch but my hustle won't let me! LOL! I've landed smack dab in the middle of a talent explosion. You think I'm gonna wait for the leftovers?!?!?

A Lil' Bling Always Helps...

When I decided to leave my first Hollywood job it was super difficult. I loved my boss and we were really like family. All my friends worked there and I was very close with the clients. It was a great situation except I felt like I had stopped learning. There was no more mystery or excitement in that position (and I had done so great, my boss would pay me whatever I said but he wouldn't promote me to manager; as long as I stayed there I would be his assistant and I wanted to do more.) So I decided to leave. A couple weeks before I left an interview came out featuring my boss' biggest client. In the article she said that while she wished more people of color were in the position to greenlight film projects, she didn't foresee it happening. She said the day a studio has an African American in a position to greenlight films she'd backflip down sunset. I had often dreamed that I would be in a position to yay' or 'nay some hopeful's attempt to create a show or film project. When my boss told her I was leaving, she gave me a call and asked why. I told her because I wanted to get closer to the job that would make her do her flips! On my last day, she brought me a Tiffany bracelet with a note that said she vows to stay flexible for as long as it takes to see me reach my goal...
I want to be a successful, notable figure in the entertainment industry. I've been focused on that singular goal for as long as I can remember and seriously began to pursue it in 2002. Over the last eight years I've made huge strides, and I feel like I've been learning my craft. I feel the time is very near where I'll be able to start my ascent through this industry I love. Although my goals have changed and studio head is no longer as appealing, I think I'll make achievements so notable that that actress may have to get those flips together...


Introducing Kourtney Heart

About two months ago, I got the opportunity to do publicity for an up and coming singer/songwriter Kourtney Heart. This girl is amazing! I won't even get into her talent, let me just tell you about what makes me excited about being a part of her team.

Kourtney has that thing ... you know how like whether you like people like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera you have to respect them because they really work hard at their craft. Kourtney has that type of work ethic right now ... at 16! She works equally as hard in the classroom and maintains an above 3.0 GPA. But my favorite part is that she gets the bigger picture in the grand scheme of things.

I always say I want to give back but I rarely do because of the ... I don't have enough money or there's not enough time or other excuses. Kourtney makes it a priority to use whatever time she has to host and participate in events that have a civic appeal. She got her start by turning popular songs into jingles to prevent teen smoking and singing at her teen advocacy events around town. And now that she has two songs on rotation here in the city, she's decided to host an event that will help girls aged 7-14 develop self esteem. Kourtney gets upset when she hears young girls compare themselves unrealistically to others, and decided she wanted to do something for the girls that made them feel good about themselves. We've prepared an awesome event for these girls. The fact that she was so excited about doing it makes me equally excited that someone so young gets it.

Get to know Kourtney Heart on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. She also has a blog click here. I've included her new video "My Boy" featuring Magnolia Shorty. This song is so cool for the summer because it is fun and light! It's a radio hit here and since she's from New Orleans she's got authentic moves to go with it! The second video is her debut single "Spell It Out" because I find it to be such a cute little song that shows more of her sound (more videos are on youtube that show her range). I mean I know I will STILL buy a brand new outfit and shoes when I know I'm going to see a new boy I like!!! LOL! Sooo ... without further ado, start to get to know Ms. Kourtney Heart!

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