Coffee Is Bad

I came into work this morning feeling like a cup of coffee. I don't recall the last time I had a cup of coffee - it is not my favorite but I do partake every now and then. For some reason today, I felt like a nice hot cup. And it was really tasty. Around 2 I was cold and not really that hungry, so I decided to have another cup (the first was so good!). Well, now I remember why I don't like coffee. I feel high ... well actually I feel like how it feels when the high wears off. I feel blah, irritable and jittery. An hour ago I was a ball of energy - even though I work at a desk so the bouncing and movement was not "normal". Then paranoia set in - does everyone notice I feel strange? I know for a fact what I put into my body today and this coffee (legal substance, people partake daily, a coffee shop or two on every corner) is DEFINITELY affecting me like a drug! And not a good one. I'm done with caffeine in the workplace - it is NOT appropriate! I can not fathom how kids perform in high school after starting their day w/a iced cafe mocha anything from Starbucks or those other "pushers"!

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