Practice Makes It Right

I have never played on an athletic team. I was a cheerleading for the Pop Warner team as a young kid but I don't remember us having any consistent practices - I was like 7 or so the commitment could not have been very much. I do remember having to go to practice/rehearsal for the church choir but that may have been once a month in preparation for the youth choir day. I did participate on the dance team in high school which was strenuous practice but after one football season I knew that was NOT for me. My point is I recently realized that I've never been involved in things that required consistent practice.
This realization came because I'm taking a class at Agape and this week we are required to "practice" our spirituality. I have to consistently pray and meditate, read, study, journal and do affirmations. I have assignments that are supposed to help me become more proficient at just "being" spiritual. This is great because in the past I've had issues "sticking" to programs and plans - this is a big one because unlike dance team or working out, I LIKE learning about spirit.
So as far as reading we have to read from our class materials as well as daily reading from a spiritual book - we are allowed to choose so I picked the Bible. I grew up on the Bible - this time I decided to read Biblical stories of people I can relate to today (My personal task/quest is to find use the people's stories from so long to find inspiration for today ... which I guess is a big purpose of the Bible). Lately I've been having issues with patience in my career I thought it would be ideal to start with Joseph. Now I grew up on the Super Book cartoons (you know the one where the kids could travel through time and "live" the Bible stories- don't remember? see the clip) and of course I saw Disney's Joseph King of Dreams, so I know about Joseph and his drama. I was hoping to find that I could relate more now and I was excited to find out that I did!
I picked the Bible last night and was totally when my subject finder said that Joseph's story of being sold was in Gen 37- this is a prime example of synchronicity because 37 is probably my favorite number. As I read I realized I have no need to worry about if I'll ever achieve the success I've dreamed of for so long. Like Joseph, my vision of being a success was implanted in me from a very young age. Also like Joseph, I tried to share with my peers but they didn't get it. That made me doubt my vision, maybe I was off or maybe I misinterpreted the dream. Like Joseph I feel like I got off my path - how could I become great if I'm an intern or an assistant? Well Joseph was a slave, a prisoner and a servant but God's will is God's will and one day he was appointed to the most high position of his time. His vision was fulfilled and got to see himself become the man he dreamed himself to be as a boy.
WOW! I was blown away and I felt so encouraged. I have always been very excited about the future but now I'm able to see the good in the present moment - the RIGHT NOW. This has been an issue in the past because I feared that I had gotten off track so many times that there was simply no hope. I'm learning to see that no matter what appears to be thrown my way right now, God has not forgotten the vision he gave to me so long ago - it was up to me to just remember!
On May 7, I'll celebrate my one year anniversary at Brillstein Entertainment Partners. Last week this fact upset me so much - I could not believe that a whole year had passed and I was no where near getting on the top 35 under 35 list let alone the top 100 Women in Entertainment list AND not to mention the fact I'm still not exactly sure the one thing I'm supposed to do to be successful. I was scared and felt I had wasted a whole year - actually the past 5 years because I was doubting the plan to go to law school and move here. Now I'm convinced I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be and I recognize how much I have to be grateful for. I am learning the business I love and my skill set is growing everyday. I'm learning how to be like Joseph and use each opportunity as an opportunity for growth and future promotion BUT most of all to show my gratitude to God every step of the way!
I think it is working - I feel better by the moment!

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Karla said...

Now that was the most hopeful post I've read from you yet. You're almost there!

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