Congrats Diddy ...

1996 was a big year for my personal development. I was coming into my own. 1996 was the year I delivered the infamous "Keep It Real" speech during the Miss Southern pageant. 1996 was the year I decided I'd pledge and 1996 was the year I knew without a doubt there was a place for me in Hollywood. The soundtrack for the year was comprised by all hits from the Bad Boy camp, founded by none other than my idol at the time, Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs.

Back in '96, you could not speak ill of Diddy in my presence. In my mind, I was so on the track to become "the Puff of the film world." I had a vision that was soooooooo big and sooooooo clear and mostly inspired by the career of this man. He was my idol - I read all things Diddy - LOL! And the internet wasn't like it is now so it required much research, time and energy. I was a true stalker of all things Puff. I didn't have the music background like he did, but I felt it didn't matter. The one thing that Puff inspired in me was the importance of determination, swagger and a mouthpiece. While his talent was impressive, it was/is his heart that makes me crunk about him. That is what makes me feel like I can make it - I may not be the most talented but I've got the MOST heart!!! I upped my game. I found my chutzpah. I was READY to take on this thing called entertainment because my boy Puff had. I felt that the simple fact that Puff had gone to Howard (an HBCU) and I was at Southern (another HBCU), it could happen. I had no care about the fact that I was so far away from L.A. or NYC - I had the heart.

Time has passed but my loyalty to Diddy has not wained. I still have so much respect for him - I mean he is freaking Diddy, how could I not?!?! I have always had some sort of connection to him. I'm guessing that my friend Mistie would say it is because of the Scorpio energy ... don't trip, on astrology she knows of what she speaks. Even though my sun sign is technically Cancer (I'm on cusp of Leo w/tons of Leo energy), my north node and ascedant are in Scorpio. In short (from my not so into the inner workings of astrology explanation) that means that my soul desires to go into Scorpio this lifetime and that the world sees me as a Scorpio. Diddy is a Scorpio and check this - Diana Ross, Jackie Kennedy Onasis and Prince are all Scorpio rising - do we see a pattern here!?!?!

Anyway, back to Diddy - today he receives his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I am extremely excited to see what the next phase in my idol's career will be. But no matter what he does from here on out, I'll never forget the how he shaped my '90's. Here's a reminder of why I'll be BAD BOY FOR LIFE!!!!!!

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