Let Me Ride

I know I said about a month or so ago that I was practicing surrender. Well, that didn't last very long - I was kindasortawhenitfeelsgoodtome surrending. Now, it is an all out surrender - white flag and everything. I'm spent - there is no more I can do. I do take responsibility for everything I am experiencing. I'm not playing victim, but I can do no more - I'm done. Everything has come to a point where it is clear - CRYSTAL CLEAR - that I am not in control. Right now EVERYTHING requires the Divine ... well it always requires the Divine, I'm ready to acknowledge that. A good friend of mine always that I need to sit back and let God drive. She says that when we ride in a car, we see things that we couldn't see when we were focused on the road. So I'm done- I'm an official passenger. I realized floating was enough, you still have to maintain some sort of control - I release all control, I'm riding!
Let's see where this ship ends up!

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